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Evanthia number one

Evanthia number one Evanthia number one Cute Project Onlus

"Dear Daniele and CUTE team,
I hope this mail finds you all well and rested from the mission. I wanted to express again my thanks and sincere gratitude for inviting me to be a part of such a great project!!  What an awesome experience!!
I am truly humbled and overwhelmed by the passion, love and spirit of the CUTE team.  You are all incredible and your heart  shows in every single act and gesture. A wise person once said that the  secret to success  is to "Put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest acts." This trip was a true success for that very reason.
You have made an incredible difference in the life of so many people. To be able to give back in this world, in such a wonderful way, is life-changing and inspiring not only for the community but for me too.   So, thank you - thank you- thank you!!!
I look forward to seeing you all again next year!!
Evanthia Pavli

Cute Project Onlus

Cute Project ha come obiettivo la formazione teorica e pratica del personale sanitario dei paesi in via di sviluppo, nell'ambito della chirurgia plastica ricostruttiva, con indirizzo specifico rivolto alla cura delle ustioni e dei loro esiti.

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